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Hororata 2 months after Canterbury Quake

Two months post 04.09.10 Canterbury quake, magnitude 7.1, I drove west of Christchurch over Canterbury Plains to Darfield & Hororata, with views of snowy Southern Alps westwards, to coolpix quake damage.

St John's Anglican Church, Hororata was fenced off with church website ads, defensive notices & beggar boxes for donations on the fence. On a fence gate outside the fenced off lych gate a notice told about halfwits stealing church stones to flog on the internet.

Afternoon photographers like me couldn't go anywhere near the quake damaged church, having to coolpix into direct sunlight, not ideal, as the best quake pics were side views of the quake toppled tower & damaged nave roof, which I was unable to do.

Before the quake we'd visited impressive, rural St John's, but post quake, fenced siege mentality, internet scum & begging put me off Hororata. Our Hororata coolpix trip was disappointing, as we couldn't see St John's properly & were irritated by signs on the church cordon fence.

13.11.10. Quake tilted & decapitated Darfield war memorial, Canterbury Plains

En route to Hororata, Leah stood by Darfield's decapitated WW memorial. The top, obelisk, chunk of grey granite stood on the ground. It was almost as tall as Leah's 5' 4" The obelisk was soon repaired.

13.11.10. Original St John's Anglican Church wooden entrance, Hororata

13.11.10. Close up of St John's Church wooden entrance, Hororata

At St John's original, wooden, Anglican church a poster with grinning faces of the Dean & Bishop read:

Look after

Look after

As we recover from the quake, it's important to know that it's okay to ask for help.

If you're feeling overwhelmed talk to someone in your family, a good friend or your church.

Don't struggle on your own...

Quake toppled chimney bricks were neatly stacked outside, below the chimney.

Post 22.02.11 quake, with all the hate speech by heritage fanatics, regarding Christchurch Cathedral, Bishop Victoria Matthews outlasted the Dean who briefly scoffed at the trough as a Christchurch councillor.

13.11.10. Church notice, St John's Church wooden entrance, Hororata

13.11.10. History board, St John's Church wooden entrance, Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged chimney side, St John's Church, Hororata

13.11.10. Quake toppled chimney, St John's Church , Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged St John's Anglican Church, Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged tower, St John's Anglican Church, Hororata

13.11.10. Beggar sign & beggar box, St John's Hororata siege fence

A metal, beggar box & beggar sign, attached to the cordon fence read:

We will rebuild
with your help

Thank you...

A white banner with the church's website, soliciting donations, was attached to the cordon fence.

13.11.10. St John's website ad on siege fence, St John's Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged St John's tower & bell, Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged St John's stone tower & undamaged stone crosses, Hororata

13.11.10. Crane & quake damaged St John's, Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged St John's, Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged St John's roof & tower, Hororata

13.11.10. Close up of quake damaged St John's nave roof, belfry & strapped stones

13.11.10. Undamaged chancel of quake damaged St John's, Hororata

13.11.10. Quake damaged St John's Hororata. Tower stones toppled, buttresses held up walls

22.05.11. Part repaired St John's Hororata, 8 months post 04.09.10 quake

A sign on the cordon fence near the lych gate read:

St John's Anglican Church

The fence is  here to keep our church safe and keep out those who have no regard for their own safety.

There has already been pieces of the building taken from the site and listed for sale on the Internet.

When we rebuild we will need every  piece.

If you would like to visit a particular grave please contact the vicar for a key...

13.11.10. Cordon fence & begging box by St John's Hororata lych gate

13.11.10. St John's Hororata cordon fence notice. Absurd as the church was a Sir John Hall legacy

Another sign on the cordon fence read:




I thought spooks were very unstable structures in the cemetery.

13.11.10. St John's Hororata WARNING cemetery notice on cordon fence. Spooks?

13.11.10. St John's Hororata construction site notice on cordon fence

13.11.10. Quake decapitated Hororata war memorial & quake tilted power poles

Like the Darfield war memorial, Hororata war memorial, by St John's Anglican Church, also had a grey, granite, obelisk, top decapitated by the quake.

We drove back to Christchurch via Greendale on Canterbury Plains, hoping to see newly named Greendale Fault, named after the "new" 16000 year old fault which struck Canterbury & Christchurch, producing 1000s of aftershocks. Post quake "experts" were undecided at the number of faults causing Canterbury quake.

By early December the number of faults causing Canterbury quake had increased to 4. Maybe more?
Seismologists were halfwits, as Christchurch's / Lyttelton's Port Hills and Banks Peninsula were formed by extinct Lyttelton & Akaroa volcanoes, so the area was a matrix of undiscovered faults.

We saw road signs, green stickered, 3 classroom Greendale School, rural roads, green paddocks & shelter belts, all undamaged, yet close to Canterbury quake epicentre.

13.11.10. Darfield & Greendale road signs, Canterbury Plains

13.11.10. Greendale School sign, Greendale, Canterbury Plains

13.11.10. Green stickered, undamaged Greendale School near the quake epicentre. Areas further away were badly damaged


Mark: Drove to Hororata Sat 13 Nov, saw rural St John's Church, stone tower collapsed. Fence notice about church stones stolen & listed for sale. Never mind fence donation boxes for church restoration.

Returned via Greendale after which the "new" fault is named. Nothing to see quake wise, just Greendale rural school, sheep, green paddocks, shelter belts & Alpine views. November 14 at 9.05 am.

Content & pics Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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